Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Baby girl name # 5

Sooo, I'm posting for some help...help with a name for our baby girl on the way! Todd and I have got 2 names were thinking about, but were definitely not committed to.

#1. Caitlyn Joy (my idea)
#2. Rylee Joy (Todd's idea)
#3. Caitlyn Rylee (Todd's idea)
#4. ??????

Todd has put rules on naming this girl.
#1. No vowel names. I guess having an O, E, and A is enough for him.
#2. No repeating M....I sort of liked a couple of M names...oh well.

My rules are that I have to like it and that it sounds decent with our last name. For example, at first I kind of liked the name Reagan. Nope, it rhymes with our last name. How retarded would that be. Then I thought I liked the name Gretchen...same problem, it just sounded weird... to G's is one too many.

So my friends, if you can suggest anything unusual, but normal and pretty I would really love some new, fresh ideas!

Laura and Mike's wedding

Todd's younger sister, Laura and her fiance Mike were married this past weekend. Laura had all of the kids be part of the ceremony. They matched up perfectly for everyone to walk down the isle together. The ceremony, I hear, was very nice. You see I was inside trying to get Marcella to stop crying the whole time! Unfortunately the ceremony was at 2:00pm, Marcella's nap time...need I say more? Yes, actually it's a pretty funny story. Soooo, Marcella and her cousin just 7 months younger, Austin were paired together. Of course you see, it's his nap time too. Everyone it seems but me wants the line of nephews and nieces to be youngest to oldest, tooo cute, right?! I was just thinking it might be easier to get Marcella and Austin to walk down an isle of strangers if they saw some of the older kids do it first. I was over ruled. Well, well, Marcella was already grumpy from pictures, but we showed her the great basket full of petals that was hers to carry down the isle. That made her sooo happy, to have her very own basket of flowers! Well, the time came for Austin and Marcella to make their debue...Austin had his own basket of petals to keep him happy as well. Well, Austin was not happy about walking anywhere without his mom, so Brittany picked him up once he started to cry. Austin still not happy, chucks his basket on the ground spilling flower petals everywhere! Well, Marcella's quite concerned about Austin, but more so that he's spilled his petals everywhere. Instead of walking down the isle, Marcella wants to pick up Austin's petals. So Brittany takes off with Austin leaving Marcella to Todd. Todd tries to pick up Marcella and haul her down the isle in his arms. This makes Marcella even more mad so she follows suit and chucks her basket to the ground crying the whole way down the isle. I finally relieved Todd of Marcella once we realized that calming her down outside wasn't going to work. I took her inside, got her to stop crying, but every time we went outside to join everyone else, there were those poor petals all over the ground and isle so Marcella would start crying all over again. Does anyone know how to explain to a 2 year old that the petals were suppose to be on the ground?
The rest of the afternoon and evening was very nice. Laura was a beautiful bride and Mike a handsome groom. Laura and Mike are just perfect for each other.
My Beautiful girls

Payton and Audrey

Dylan and Olivia

Marcella turns Two!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! Marcella turns Two! It's hard to bleive that my baby girl is headed into her terrible twos! Although, three is much worse I believe. So I'll just keep reminding myself that when I'm having a hard moment with her. Or maybe not...it might be too depressing!!

Grandma and Grandpa Riley's package came right on time! It was so fun to have more presents to open on her birthday. Marcella was really getting into it as you can tell by her facial expressions.
Grandma is totally spoiling her. I've already been battling Marcella every morning about what she's going to wear. She wants to wear a dress everyday. And mind you, not just any dress, but a FANCY church dress. I've tried to put on skirts and jumpers, but they're not good enough. Grandma got her 2 new dresses for her birthday and I get to hear every morning that she wants to wear them.
Marcella has proven since her birthday that her favorite present is the Dora purse. I put some Lipsmackers chapstick in the purse wondering if I had lost my mind too. But I'm shocked and happy to report that the chapstick is still intact residing in the purse. She loves to keep it in it's rightful place and carry it everywhere.
The Poky Little Puppy has become a favorite among all of my girls. Marcella's favorite part is to point out the gross bugs coming up and going down the side of the hill.

Marcella's Party

Marcella loves Winnie the Pooh and Dora the Explorer right now. So for her birthday cake I opted to make Dora. (I did Winnie the Pooh for Olivia's 1st birthday) Marcella loved her cake... a little too much. She was so upset with me that I wouldn't let her play with Dora and Boots before we got to Grandma's for her party. I'm really surprized that the cake actually made it there unharmed. (thanks to a mean mom watching her like a hawk)

A train set was Marcella's big present. She loves to watch for trains when we're driving in the car and she's usually the one to point out the sound of a train whistling by our home. She (and her older sisters and Dad, I might add) have had fun setting it up and actually playing with their very own boy toy.

Looking pretty darn cute!

Blowing out all those candles was pretty tough. Don't worry, Audrey helped.

Grandpa and Marcella posing for a picture!