Monday, October 27, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin' and Corn Maze

This weekend our family went to a local Pumpkin Patch to pick our pumpkins. Everyone had lots of fun choosing a pumpkin. Audrey though, just about drove us crazy! She had the hardest time choosing a pumpkin! It seriously took her an extra 15 minutes longer than the rest of our girls! (with us hurrying her)
After paying for our pumkins, our family decided to brave the corn maze. Am I ever so glad Todd was there with us. They would've had to send someone in to rescue me! I would've been in there HOURS!!

Poor Marcella! Her little 2 year old legs just couldn't keep up the whole time. And my poor shoulders! They were so sore the next day, it was hard to brush my teeth!

Isn't that curly-top so sweet?!

Following the leader!

We finally finished!

Rylee's 3 Months

Rylee was 3 months on the 10th of October! That's when these pictures were taken. She is getting soooo chubby! I just love to kiss those sweet cheeks! And what a happy baby! She just lays there just waiting to give us a smile. Of course, not to some strange camera.
And her newest milestone is..... rolling from her tummy to her back! She did it last Thursday while I was dressing Marcella in her pajamas. I actually missed the first one! Audrey was sitting next to her, talking Rylee's ear off, when one minute she was on her tummy and the next on her back! I asked Audrey if she rolled her over and she said Rylee did it all by herself. Well, Audrey is a well known story teller in our family, so I put Rylee back on her tummy and watced her. Sure enough, she rolled right onto her back again! I honestly think she's figured it out so that she doesn't have to lay on her tummy. Tummy time is not normally happy time for Rylee. I can't believe how big she's gotten so quickly! Time goes too fast.

Monday, October 6, 2008

September 30th!

September 30th turned out to be a pretty big day for our family. First thing that morning, Emily went to the dentist to have her bottom baby teeth pulled out. Unfortunately, Emily inherited my tiny teeth and big gums. Along with the tiny teeth comes the strange way our bottom permenant teeth come in.....
They actually grow in BEHIND the baby teeth, as you can see from this picture. We noticed this happening clear back in May, but the dentist wanted to see if the baby teeth would get wiggly and fall out on their own. They didn't, so out they came with a little, okay alot of help.
This same day we got news that Todd's sister was going to hospital to be induced with her first baby. Her due date was October 7, but she developed Toxemia. So baby Michael Scott arrived weighing in at 6 lbs 5 ozs. I can't believe how tiny he is and what a monster Rylee looks laying next to him! This picture was just taken last night.

And last but not least, that same September 30th, I chopped off my hair. I was sick of it, plus I am loosing TONS of hair since Rylee was born. NO JOKE, I'm getting very thin areas of hair that are on the verge of baldness. It's horrible. So what do you think?
I'm not so sure about it. I went to this way expensive place that specializes in cutting naturally curly hair-it's called a Deva cut. I don't see too much of a difference, but maybe it'll grow out better or something. I may call today and have the gal fix's longer on the right than the left. Can yo tell or is it just me being extra picky? Plus she cut these bang things that I'm not thrilled about. They don't blend at all, and I really didn't want bangs. As you can see, I just push them back. I think I may be the pickiest hair snob. But hey, if I'm paying $65.00 for a hair cut, I want to be happy!!