Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat!

 Happy Halloween!  
We had beautiful weather in Liberty this year for trick or treat night.  
And the girls loved every minute of it!
 Emily was the lucky girl to pick a costume for me to sew this year.  She at first wanted to be Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter, but after looking through the pattern books decided on a vampire.  
For some reason she wouldn't let me paint her face white or give her sunken eyes, only red lips.  
This is her spooky pose.  I was sewing this cloak until about 45 minutes before we left, and I still need to hem the bottom!  Oh well, it really was a lot of fun to sew and makes me want to take on another sewing challenge.
 Audrey was Lucy from The Chronicles of Narnia for our Ward Trunk or Treat but last minute decided to be an Indian for Halloween night.  This is her interpretation of an Indian pose (where did this come from!).
 This is the first year Marcella actually chose NOT to be a princess (me forcing her to be a pumpkin and bunny at age 1 and 2 doesn't count).  She waffled pretty badly between being Bell from Beauty and the Beast and this cute black cat, but the cat won.  
I think it was the head band ears and whiskers that did the trick!

 Rylee Jo was, of course, a princess.  This is her princess pose.  What a goof ball!
 Rylee didn't trick or treat quite as long as our other candy mongers.  But she had fun coming home to watch a movie and eat candy while she waited for her sisters to finish.  Before I actually realized what she was doing, she had eaten about a third of her candy and she wanted more!
 Meg was our pumpkin this year...  Isn't she so cute?!
 Olivia wore my old prison costume from high school.  It still looks dang good, huh?  The bruised eye and stitches were my idea.  She had lots of people ask her what she was doing time for, so it was fun for her to make things up as she went through the night.

Fall Play

Liberty Middle School put on 2 one-act plays this fall, Twinderella and Tenderfella.  Olivia was the movie director in Tenderfella and then was part of the crew for Twinderella.  She had a blast and had such a great time she is planning on trying out for the spring musical.  I think she was one of the best actors on stage, but I suppose I'm a little biased!

10 months

The many faces of Meg at ten months old

Ta-dah!  Meg is crawling now!  I can't believe how fast she has grown up.