Saturday, September 24, 2011

Liberty Fall Festival

 Liberty had their annual Fall Festival this weekend.  We had lots of fun walking up and down and all around the square looking at all of the fun things to see and buy.
 One vendor paid a face paint artist to paint faces for free all weekend.  How Fun!  She was great and the girls loved it... I think it was worth the wait in line (Remember, you can double click to get a closer look at the paint).
I think this is the funniest picture!  The girls specifically asked for a side shot of their faces, pretty cute huh!?!  We had tons of fun, but now we're all tired and grumpy. 
I think it'll be an early bed time tonight!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Back to School

 I know these are long overdue, but here they are.  Olivia started Middle School this year.  Now that is something!  She is loving every bit of it.  She was surprised that she was one of the only girls to actually wear a dress the first day.....oh Honey, I hope you stay who you are, dress the way you like and don't fall into the "everybody else is doing it" crowd.
 Emily started 4th grade, Audrey 3rd grade and my Marcella Bella finally became an official Kindergartener!
I was a little nervous for her to go straight into all day Kindergarten, but she loves it!  She's a tad cranky at night, but I hope that a little more time will fix that problem.  The thing that surprised her the most about Kindergarten is that your teacher doesn't eat lunch with you!  I guess no one ever mentioned that to her...

Back into the swing of things... for now

 Meg is now almost 10 months old (geeze, I can hardly believe it!) and Olivia, Emily, Audrey and Marcella have been in school for over a month.  After a crazy summer, I am finally starting to feel like some normalcy is coming back.  It's been long over due.  I don't think I've felt this way in over a year!  I guess that's normal with a move and baby #6 in a year, right?!
 I love these pictures of her!  I was dusting and vacuuming up a storm one day and just happened to notice Meg trying to touch the dust floating through the air in the sun!  It was too sweet not to snap a picture.