Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ashley's Visit to Colorado

Ashley flew into Colorado Thursday, June 14 to take care of Olivia, Emily, Audrey and Marcella while Todd and I vacationed in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico! Our girls really loved having Aunt Ashley there for the week! Ashley took them to the park, swimming, and even braved a few stores with all of them. I'm sure she learned a lot from her week with 4 little girls. Thank you, thank you, thank you Ashley!!! We love you!

Look how cute Ashley is pregnant! Her baby boy really grew this past week!

Ashley took these cute pictures one day while visiting the park. What a good Aunt!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Saturday all of the Colorado Cousins got together to play with Reah and James. They had so much fun, especially running through the sprinklers! Some were more willing than others. Olivia was not too keen on running through cold water, even on a day that got into the 80's. But with a little help from her cousin Dylan, she managed to get a little wet.
Tori became the piggy-back expert. She had all of the kids taking turns riding on her back, while she ran them through the sprinklers.
James, Reah and Marcella did not join in on the sprinkler fun. But they had fun watching and playing outside all the same. Isn't James cute in his swim outfit?
Marcella is so cute in her hat!
Preston, Dylan and Tori probably got the wettest, although Emily was right there with them.

Emily loved to sit on the sprinklers. Here she is sitting...
And running!!!!
That's my girl!!!

Garage Sales!

Friday and Saturday were our community garage sale days. Maxine (my mother-in-law), myself, and all of my sister-in-laws had fun shopping around for good used items. I was very lucky to find one bike for Olivia and one bike for Emily. The best part was that they were only $5.00 a piece!!!
Here's Olivia and Emily trying out their "new garage sale bikes" as Emily calls them. Grandpa Gagon is the bike pro in the family. He pumped up the tires, added the training wheels, and greased up the chains.
Emily rode her bike ALL day Saturday. It was nearly impossible to get her off her bike for lunch, dinner and bedtime. Poor little thing was saddle sore Saturday night when she was getting ready for bed!

June 8th: Our Home Under Construction

On Friday, June 8th, Todd's oldest
sister, Deb and her family were in Denver for a visit. So we took the opportunity to visit our home to check on the progress and show Deb the model home.
We were pleased to find a lot accomplished in a week. The whole inside of our home has been painted, all of the tile is finished in the entrance way and in the bathrooms around the tubs, the linoleum has been layed in all the bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen, and all of the counter tops have been installed! I have been so anxious whether all of these things are going to come together and look decent! I'm very happy to say, that they are looking just wonderful!!

Our kitchen looks fabulous with the counter tops!

This is the banister area that looks over the great room/family room. I just love the vaulted ceilings in that room!

This is the master bathroom sink area and soaking tub.

I decided on cream tile with white grout to kind of tie in the white tub and sinks. I think it'll be nice to break up all of the white in the bathroom.