Saturday, November 6, 2010

Birthday Week!

So it was birthday week at our home!  Emily turned 9 on the 3rd and Olivia turned 11 on the 4th!  It's hard to believe that I've got girls that old.  I wish they would stop growing up and stay in grade school forever.

Soooo, Marcella has started a new tradition in our home.  She asked for breakfast in bed for her birthday in March and the rest of the girls have thought that is the best present ever!  Emily got waffles and grapes.

Emily asked for a horse cake.... again.  I stole Kathryn's idea and put horse shoes on the side.

Olivia got oatmeal with rasins and toast on the side.  This breakfast really wasn't a punishment.  My girls all love oatmeal, and rasins is a treat we usually don't have (it's really that I don't remember).

Olivia asked for cheese cake!  Ahhh, truly a child of mine.  Give me cheese cake or pie any day over cake.  I made a scrumptious chocolate chip cheese cake.  

Silly Sisters.  They were just as excited to watch their sister's open the presents.

It was a fun week, but I must admit, I'm so glad it's over.  It's a lot of work to have to plan for two birthdays a day apart!


Olivia, Rylee, Marcella, Audrey and Emily
Happy Halloween!  Everyone was sooo excited to dress up this year.  Let me tell you, getting 5 girls dressed and makeup-fied is quite the ordeal!

Marcella is our Pop Star.  Make sure you say Pop Star, not Rock Star.  She will be sure to correct you!

Emily is our Angel... Fallen straight from Heaven.

Olivia decided to be an Indian.  Olivia's Indian costume is my first official sewing project that I completed all on my own (If you don't count a couple of emergency phone calls to my mother).

Audrey wanted to be a Witch again.  But she specifically did NOT want a green face!

Rylee was our Little Pumpkin.  She didn't last long trick or treating.  Last year we packed her in a wagon, but this year she graduated to walking.  Living at the top of a hill means lots of up and down stairs to front doors.  She still had fun and loved that everyone kept giving her candy.