Thursday, February 10, 2011

Two Months!

Look who's two months and smiling like it's going out of style!

I know this is a strange picture, but look!  You can see both of her dimples!

Meg has not been the easiest baby.  She fusses quite a bit and wants to be held almost all day long.  I don't usually mind, because she is our last baby and I'm really soaking it in, but my house is the worse for wear because of it.  She is out growing this slowly.  Just yesterday, I was in my bedroom folding laundry.  Meg was on the bed and I was talking to her as I folded.  I left the room to get another load out of the dryer, and while I was gone she started to cry!  As soon as I came back and started talking to her again she was happy and smiling once again.  Oh no, I'm in for a long journey with this baby girl!

Cutest girl ever!  Just wish I could get better lighting so that you all could see that her hair is Auburn.  If it stays, it'll be another color for our family!!

Vertical Talus

Last Friday, Meg went to her first Pediatric Orthopedic surgeon  (who specializes in feet) appointment.  Dr. Sinclair confirmed that Meg does have vertical talus in her right foot.  Vertical talus is similar to club foot but sort of the opposite problem.  Club feet are pushed up and to the inside of your leg, vertical talus you foot is down and to the outside.  Both problems are treated similarly.  The foot is casted to stretch it out and manipulate the bones in the foot to align properly.  Since her bones are still cartilage, now is the best time for casting.  So on went Meg first cast!  They were out of pink, so we went with purple.  The plaster is only from the bottom of her knee down, but the fiberglass is all the way up to her hip.  They have found that if they don't fiber glass all the way up, babies kick their casts off!  She will get a new cast every friday over the next month or so and then her foot will be re-x-rayed to see how the therapy has gone.  After that, it sounds like surgery will be next to fix any other problems and lengthen her achilles tendon. 

We are praying that the casting will be highly successful!  The better the casting the less surgery she will need, although our doctor did stress that they try to do as little surgery as possible.

 Meg was pretty crabby that first day, but she's been a real trooper the rest of the time.  Unfortunately, it's no more pants for this girl!  Tights are much easier to stretch over a cast or just cut the leg out if I need too!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

One Month

I just realized that I never posted Megs pictures at one month and know she's nearly two months!  Better late than never, right?

She hates tummy time!  Not a surprise, not one of my 6 children have.

See?  Doesn't like it one bit.  What a heartbreaking face!  

Happy Birthday to Me!

 Sooo, I know my birthday my birthday was in the middle of December.... we were just a little overwhelmed with a new baby AND Christmas.  Plus, I don't think Todd took me seriously at first when I told him I wanted counter stools for my kitchen.  Aren't they just perfect?!!  We ordered these online because no store anywhere carries white saddle seat stools.  And I actually got my first shipment the first part of January, but one of the stools had a cracked seat and boogered leg.  We just got the last one on the 25th of January.

I love having stools for my island!  Whatever did I do before them?  They are perfect when we eat in shifts in the morning (that doesn't happen too often, but I can see where it might as girls start middle school), and this is where we eat lunch every day.  Sooooo much easier for preparing and cleaning up!  The girls love using them to do homework (I don't particularly like books in my kitchen) and they like to sit at them and help/watch me cook.  Did I already mention that I love these stools?