Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Reindeer antlers!

Rylee found the antlers that I bought Emily to wear in her Christmas concert. She loved wearing them!

Cheesing it!

Girl Pictures!

I spent last Saturday taking snapshots of my girls. This is the only one that sort of turned out cute. Why is it so hard to get 5 girls looking at a camera? Rylee truly was not diggin' it.

First Hair Cut

I finally broke down and gave Rylee Jo her first real hair cut. It was getting pretty bad. She definately had a mulet going on! So, I cut the back and then decided to cut a few little bangs for her. I've debated about bangs for a looong time. I'm usually against bangs. I was tramatized in Jr High when I had bangs and was always trying to keep them straight. So typically I'm anti-bangs. But Rylee kind of has a bumpy forehead from surgery plus she has stick straight hair. So far no problems keeping this little girls hair from kinking up.

She is so stinkin' cute!!

Busy Body

Last week while I was in the shower, Rylee was quite the busy body! She had climbed on top of the table to get to some Christmas decorations that I hadn't put away yet. Well, she threw all of them on floor and then opened box of ornament hooks and put them all through her hair! I think she thought that they were bobby pins!!

I was in a hurry trying to get out the door, but I just couldn't resist taking a few pictures! Can my baby really be that close to the terrible twos?

Marcella wanted to get in on the fun too.