Monday, December 3, 2007


December 1st the Gagon's brought a new addition to their family!! SOPHIE!! She's a Lab/German Shepherd mix 9 week puppy! Laura actually found her for us and ended up purchasing one of her brothers! Sophie is 3/4 Lab and 1/4 German Shepherd and has been sooo fun to have in our home. The girls are gettng used playing with this puppy and are actually doing really well with taking her outside and cleaning up the puppy poop. I'm just hoping that it lasts.
Our first day was very busy and fun. I think Sophie didn't know what to think. It was a hard night with her though. She cried ALL night long!! I feel bad that she misses company at night, but there's no way she's sleeping in anyones room!
This is Sophie a couple days later. She is feeling much more at home now.

Parade of Lights

December 1st was Maxine's annual work Christmas party downtown Denver. There was nice food and a Santa and Mrs. Claus to entertain the kids. Denver's Christmas parade was that night too. It wasn't too cold so it was fun to sit and watch it.
Brittany, JT, Austin, Ian, Cassie, Tori, Olivia, Dylan, Emily, Preston, Payton, and Audrey were some of the Gagon clan to line the street.
Audrey and Santa
Emily and the Claus Family
Olivia and Santa.
All our girls...Marcella was NOT interested in sitting on Santa's lap.


Ashley had her baby! Kathryn and her baby, Hugh and I flew out at the same time to visit and 'help'. Kathryn and I really felt like we were on a vacation though....only ONE baby to take care of!! We had to sooo much fun just sittin on the couch for almost a week chatting with eachother.
Ashley and Braden sneeking in a nap.
Kathryn and I shopped and cooked for the new family the whole time we were there. We just couldn't believe that there was truly a Piggly Wiggly grocery store still running!!! And the bag boy took our groceries to our car, whether we wanted help or not!!
Kathryn and Hugh
What a cute smile!
Hugh is soo big! I can't believe how he's grown since I last saw him in July.
Hugh and Brayden posing for some much needed pictures.

Ashley and Braden
The most darling new family!

Olivia turns the Big 8!

Sunday, November 4th, Olivia turned 8! She requested a dolphin cake. It turned out looking great, but was it ever a pain in the neck to frost!!!
Olivia blowing out her candles
The birthday girl!
Opening presents
Marcella getting into the cupcakes!

Emily Turns 6!

Emily turned 6 Saturday, November 3rd. Along with turning six, she no longer knows how to smile for a camera anymore. It's funny, her first day of kindergarten she smiled just fine... Oh well, she's still pretty darn cute!
Emily wanted a 'Rock Star' cake. It was pretty easy and fun to make and she loved it!
Here she is opening one of her presents. Emily is the biggest ham! She loves to act goofy and pull silly faces.
Since Olivia's 8th birthday was on a Sunday this year, we took her to get her ears peirced the day before. Here she is holding a light up, musical wand to try to distract her.
She did great though, and she loves that she'll be able to wear different earrings soon!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Trick or Treating

This year Aunt Laura and our neighbor Tori and her Mom came trick or treating with us. We had so much fun walking around our new neighborhood! Marcella was so funny! At first she didn't quite get the whole idea of it, but she sure caught on quick! By about the 3rd or 4th house she was jumping out of the wagon and running to the next door as quick as her little legs would go. She even tried her best to say trick or treat and she always followed her sisters examples and said thank you!
Emily decided to be Sleeping Beauty for trick or treat night. She didn't like how itchy the clown wig was. Thank goodness for good weather. They had been predicting rain, but it turned out to be clear and cold. Everyone stayed pretty warm, just little hands got cold.
Trick or Treat! My costume was an orange sweater and STRAIGHT hair!
Marcella sure did button up once we sat her down in her highchair with a lollipop and Twix bar!
Olivia and Tori counting out their candy. Tori counted over 150 pieces and Olivia organized and wrote down how much of everything she got. She's not her accountant father's daughter! =)
Emily just sorted all of her candy. She loved putting everything in the right piles. It sure was a good haul this year!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Carving Pumpkins!

Audrey, Emily and Olivia all drew pictures of what they wanted their jack-o-lanterns to look like. All three wanted princess pumpkins!!! How in the world you make a princess jack-o-lantern is still a mystery to me. Instead of glueing bows and dusting sparkles over the poor things, we settled on eyelashes.
These Jack-o-lanterns sure look great all lit up!I don't know what I was thinking Wednesday when we bought THREE pumkins to carve. The girls sure did have fun, but I was exhausted by the end of it. If Todd just happens to be away on an audit next year at this time, I'll be sure to remember to only pick one pumkin.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Tub Time!

These pictures were actually taken in September when Marcella turned the big 1-8! That is, 18 months. Yeah, Nursery is finally here! As you can see Marcella loves to take baths, especially with Audrey. Big sisters are so much fun.

Yes, it's finally happened. Marcella has grown a bit of hair! It's still that pretty reddish color and believe it or's curly!!!

Look at all of those curls in the back!
All clean and ready for bed. Bedtime includes hugs and kisses from mom and dad and tucked in with her bunny (aka bun bun).

Home Sweet Home!

I just realized that I haven't posted a picture of the final product of our home! Well, here it is, Home Sweet Home!

Gagon Halloween Party

It's Trick-or-Treating Time!Marcella, Payton, Preston, Audrey, Tori, Dylan, Emily, Olivia, and Austin the Skunk

Maxine hosted her annual Halloween party Saturday, October 27th. All the cousins had so much fun! The newest game was guess what body part's in the bag (spagetti for veins, peeled grapes for eyes, cantalope pieces for heart/kidneys, etc.) There'were some pretty funny faces! I wish I could've caught them with my camera. Instead I got a great picture of Emily dressed up as a clown, but like usual, hamming it up for everyone.
Marcella made the cutest Bunny! She loves wearing her costume. Saturday morning she actually took off her pajamas all by herself and was trying to put on her costume!
Olivia made the sweetest angel! Todd kept teasing her that it was the perfect costume since she's far from angelic!
Audrey wanted to be, as she's says, 'a wedding girl'. I tried to talk her into putting a long-sleeved t-shirt under her revealing gown, but she wouldn't have anything to do with it.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Lakeside Amusement Park

We had a wonderful time at Lakeside Amusement Park this Wednesday, July 18th 2007.

Marcella and Todd watching the rides.
Todd's family all met at Lakeside Amusement park for an evening of fun! Olivia, Emily and Audrey had earned free passes to the small amusement park through the local library's summer reading program. We started out with a picnic dinner and then had fun riding the kiddie rides first.
Emily and Audrey on their first ride, a small roller coaster.
Tori and Payton
Olivia and Dylan
Look at them go! This was one of their favorite rides.
Marcella did not want to go on the rides, although, she loved the carousel. But she loved watching the kids and looking at all the lights, once it was dark.

The Frog Hopper was probably the 2nd favorite of the kiddie rides. It would take the kids up and then bounce them down.
Olivia was so funny the first time she rode it. Her eyes were as big as saucers and her mouth made a big O! Thanks to positive peer pressure, she rode it a second time and then loved it!
Payton and Audrey were riding buddies the night.
Olivia and Emily cheesing it on the lady bugs.
Once the girls were comfortable on the kiddie rides, we moved onto some of the bigger ones. Todd and I were shocked that Emily and Audrey wanted to ride one of the bigger roller coasters. And we were blown away that it became their favorite! Laura was nice enough to watch Marcella a lot of the night. Marcella even walked Laura back to the carousel and then pointed to it and said "Ease!!". That's how she says please and of course it worked its magic and Laura took her on another ride.